Global Risks

“Renewing and improving the architecture of our national and international political and economic systems is this generation’s defining task. It will be a monumental undertaking, but an indispensable one. The Global Risks Report demonstrates how high the stakes are.”

B?rge Brende, World Economic Forum President

This is a time of unparalleled disruption and complexity. Risks—such as climate change, inequality and geopolitical tensions—transcend borders and sectors. However, the collective will to address these challenges is threatened by the sheer scale of the task. With its mission of public-private cooperation and the breadth of its multistakeholder network, the World Economic Forum is uniquely positioned to navigate today’s risks landscape.

The Global Risks Initiative is an ongoing workstream built around milestone products, including but not limited to the annual flagship Global Risks Report, that identify and analyse critical global risks, and communicate such risks to both stakeholders and the wider public through digital and other media assets.

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